Christmas Tracklements

I love the word Tracklement. In my mind it conjures up the notion of Sunday roast left overs, Boxing Day cold cuts, summer picnic, cheese platters and sausage and mash.

Wiktionary informs us:

Coined in its current sense by the English cookery writer Dorothy Hartley in her book Food in England in 1954, but probably derived from a similar dialect word with variant spellings (e.g. tranklement, tanchiment) used before that date across North and Central England and meaning "ornaments, trinkets; bits of things".


tracklement (plural tracklements)

  1. (Britain, rare) A savoury condiment (for example a mustardrelish or chutney), especially one served with meat. A savoury condiment (for example a mustardrelish or chutney), especially one served with meat. quotations ▼

For me preparations for Christmas should include making your own festive jam and chutneys or tracklements!  Not only is Christmas jam delicious and easy to make it also is the perfect food gift for friends, family and colleagues. Cranberries are a winter berry that have become synonymous with Christmas. With added spices such as cinnamon and cloves to flavour seasonal cranberries,  Christmas Jam is like a mouth full of Christmas on a spoon. My recipe  also uses frozen strawberries or raspberries harvested in the summer.

Join me in a workshop to make your own jam and Christmas chutney (tracklements) to grace your Christmas table or as a gift for someone special. A perfect match for cheese and cold meats, and delicious in turkey sandwiches, or to accompany a cold cut, home made chutney will take your Christmas buffet to the next level.

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